We are partnering with major influencers to create an online presence for distribution. How it works:

Our accounts include The Home Shopping Network, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Reebok, QVC, Time Inc, and Federated Department Stores, Clarins, Kenneth Cole and DKNY.

How it works:

  • We partner up with key influencers (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok etc) that are respected in the industry. We help develop funding, manufacturing, branding, sales and distribution platform, logistics and launching.
  • We work with the artist to develop relevant product line
  • We build website with new brand
  • The influencer reaches out to respective followers to website for products for purchase
  • We use SEO and optimization strategies for further growth
  • Once live online, we complement with sales distribution to other retailers.
  • Brand is build

Wade the Barber:

We partnered with a top influencer

 A Brief Affair

we are creating an e-commerce women’s lifestyle featuring major lingerie brands, while offering and launching its own makeup and accessory line of products.


We are partnering with Aurelio Voltaire to reach out to his over 200,000+ weekly YouTube followers and create a Goth lifestyle makeup and lifestyle brand.